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Amazing things happen when marketing, data, and technology experts are also passionate about improving outcomes for people.

Just Some Our Clients

Just Some Of Our Solution Offerings

Managed WiFi Solutions
  • From Small Deployment to City-Wide WiFi Solutions
  • Voucher-Based
  • Have better control of your WiFi users

Desktop, Laptops, & Servers

  • We deploy and support branded desktops, laptops, and servers from the world’s largest brands
  • We also deploy custom-built PCs

Structured Cabling

  • From Small Deployment to Building In-house structured wiring
  • CAT5 to CAT8
  • Patch Panel and Patch cord solutions

Video Intercom Solutions

  • Simple video intercom solutions to large PA systems
  • Video or Analog Solutions
  • SIP & Conference Solutions
  • Can be integrated with Face Recognition

CCTV with AI Solutions

  • Smart City CCTV Deployments
  • Built-In AI Face Detection
  • Plate Detection
  • Night Vision

Parking & Barrier Access

  • Parking Systems
  • Toll Booth Systems
  • Paid Parking
  • Parking Payment Systems

Networking Solutions

  • We deploy and support all kinds of networking equipment (enterprise & consumer)
  • PoE and Core Fiber Switches
  • Up to 400Gbps QSFP28

GenSet & ATS Solutions

  • From 50KVA to 500 KVA and beyond
  • ATS and MTS Solutions
  • Installation and Maintenance Services
  • Integration with Electrical Grid

Fiber Optic Solutions

  • In-house fiber optic backbone installations
  • Outside plant installations
  • Underground or Aerial solutions

FDAS Solutions

  • Smoke detectors, heat detectors, panel boards, pull switches and sirens
  • Regular FDAS or Data Center Grade FDAS Solutions

IT Security & Cybersecurity

  • We deploy and support all brands of IT Security Solutions
  • Firewall and Endpoints
  • Cybersecurity Consultations
  • Cybersecurity & Penetration Testing Services

Digital Signage Solutions

  • Digital Signage for indoor and outdoor use
  • We can deploy city-wide advertising systems
  • LED Wall Solutions
  • Cloud-Controlled Digital Signages

Data Center Solutions

  • Data Center Buildouts
  • Network Racks, Cooling Systems
  • All-In-One Data Center Solutions

Biometric & Physical Access

  • Biometric Solutions for Time-Keeping
  • Biometric and Face Recognition
  • System Integrations

UPS Solutions

  • We deploy and support all brands of UPS Solutions
  • from 650W to 500KVA Standby Power Solutions
  • Integration with ATS Systems

Aircon & PACU Solutions

  • We deploy consumer-grade aircon to data center PACU solutions
  • Installation and Maintenance services

We Are Partnered With Some Of The Most Well-Known Brands In I.T.

And Many More!

(Name It, We Have It!)


WE DELIVER The Results You Expect.

Our clients come to us when technical challenges stand in the way of their goals and dreams, local businesses turn to us for expert assistance. We help them overcome these problems and get back on track.

At our company, we are committed to achieving better outcomes and making the journey there as smooth as possible for our clients.

Our clients say that nobody provides the same level of support as we do. We are proud to work alongside them to develop marketing, data, and technology solutions that:

Provide greater insight into their IT Solutions

Improve processes and Optimize performance

Keep technology running smoothly

Design and Build new technology solutions for future growth

While many consultancies simply present solutions to their clients, we work with ours to build the best possible solutions to their specific needs and challenges.

We Do A 360° I.T. Solution!

IT Sales and Fulfillment

Improve your business with expert IT sales and fulfillment. Our team specializes in identifying the right technology solutions for your needs, offering competitive pricing, and efficiently delivering and installing hardware and software.

Plus, our ongoing support ensures your IT products and services are always running smoothly.

Upgrade your company's technology and streamline your processes with our top-rated IT sales and fulfillment services.


  • Business Technology Requirement Consultation
  • IT Sales and Fulfillment
  • IT Equipment Delivery
  • IT Equipment Importation
  • Hardware and Software Solutions

IT Consultations, IT Architecture Buildouts and Design Solutions

Looking for IT consultation and custom solutions for your business? Our team of skilled IT professionals can help you identify your technology needs and design a customized plan to meet your goals. From network design and implementation to cloud computing and data management, we have the expertise and experience to bring your vision to life. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and take the first step towards streamlining your business with cutting-edge IT solutions.

Our consultants and specialists are strategic thinkers with over 16+ years of experience in both IT and businesses locally and abroad. We do our homework, and make sure we understand your business goals because at the end of the day, IT is about people, not computers.


  • vCIO (Virtual CIO) is ready to assist you in creating and providing IT consultations and IT Roadmap designs for your business.
  • I.T. Consultation and Problem-Solving Services with our crack team of technical staff ready to assist you and provide resolution or work-around on the toughest I.T. issues.

Fully Managed IT Outsourcing Services

At Adverva IT Solutions, we appreciate the trust you put in us when you hand us the keys to your IT kingdom. We’ve earned that trust from hundreds of clients in dozens of industries, and we know we can earn it from you.

Our consultants and specialists are strategic thinkers with over 16+ years of experience in both IT and businesses locally and abroad. We do our homework and make sure we understand your business goals because I.T. is about people, not computers.


  • Outsourced I.T. Department You Can Rely On 24x7 | 365 Days a year.
  • Detect, Document and Resolve Issues for you on autopilot.
  • Quick Response Time and Ticket Creation.
  • One-Stop Repair Services Provider For All IT Equipment.
  • Optional Extended Warranty and Replacement Services For All Your IT Equipment.


Free 20-Minute Consultation Call and Get Your I.T. Questions/ Problems Answered!

By the end of this free 20 minute call, you will have a clear understanding of the next steps you can take for your business to keep your IT Solutions humming quietly.

Find a time on our calendar to schedule your call today and we look forward to speaking to you soon!

  • Businesses looking for a custom IT Solution for their company's requirements.
  • Businesses looking to purchase IT Equipment for their company's requirements.
  • Businesses looking to purchase IT Software or Licenses for their company's applications.
  • Businesses looking to understand their IT Solution when their key IT Personnel didn't leave any documentation.
  • Help to troubleshoot issues or problems plaguing your network or applications and can't seem to get them working as expected.
  • Planning to outsource your IT Department to us to save costs and increase efficiency by having veteran IT professionals handle the day-to-day maintenance and upkeep.

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